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Introducing the Institute of Professional Recruitment Consultants
From line managers, head hunters, executive search consultants, recruitment managers, personnel managers, contract and temporary staffing agencies, professional recruiters, employment agencies, electronic recruiters, recruitment consultants, human resource managers, workforce planners, training managers, health & safety professionals, marketing managers, admin managers, outsourcing companies, talent identifiers to armed forces and government, the institute members embrace a multitude of disciplines. We are united by a common goal to promote professionalism, best practice and improve the image of recruitment.
At the Institute of Professional Recruitment Consultants, you are in a good hand. We understand your business is people because ours is about people too. We are happy to be the professional network of choice for thousands of recruitment industry’s most inspirational talents.
We have been the industry’s leading network, helping to grow talents and accelerating professional development since 2006. Ours is the respected interface between education and industry for the development, mobility and guidance of human capital professionals
The institute’s vast vault of exclusive management resources, influential publications, professional development, qualifications, member services, ambassadors, business partners, national and regional events are the solutions to your personal and business success.
Come join our Network.
Our philosophy is simple but integral to every aspect of what we do. The institute of Professional Recruitment Consultants promotes the highest professional standards of management and education, and to encourage global best practice in business, all members of the institute in Nigeria are also members of the Association of Professional Recruitment Consultants, APRC UK.

How you will benefit from membership
Professional Recognition
Fellows, Full Members, Associates and Certified Professionals are eligible to use the designation-FPRC, MPRC, APRC and CRP or CCC or CPCD etc. These are all industry recognized acknowledgement of the level of professional experience one has achieved.
There is also an Affiliate grade for students and those with an interest in the recruitment industry.
Knowledge is Power
The institute’s information department provides support for all your information needs. The institute members have exclusive access to a unique collection of quality recruitment articles in Nigeria and UK which can help find answers to all recruitment queries.
Be Qualified
The Institute of Professional Recruitment Consultant’s suite of management qualifications has been developed to provide underpinning knowledge required for sound management and leadership within the key areas of business in recruitment and talent development. Available in Nigeria and the UK education market, they focus on providing leadership and business skills, career progression and specialist subject knowledge, while promoting Mandatory Continuing Professional Development MCPD and career progression opportunities for all members.
Professional Advice
Get professional advice when you need it most. Your solution to people management business and legal issues is just a phone call or a click away. Associates and Full Members get free helpline call each time they need it and all Institute of Professional Recruitment Consultants members are allowed easy 24.7 web access free both in Nigeria and the United Kingdom.

Employer’s Choice
Our products are exactly what the employers are looking for because of their deep industry knowledge of job analysis and competency mapping, advanced filtering methodologies, interviewing and assessment, talent identification, compensation and benefits administration, evaluation, probing and selection, employee induction and background check etc.
News and Communications
Understand the pressing issues challenging the recruitment industry through our regular and influential news bulletins and publications free to members in Nigeria or from our monthly seminars, workshops and conferences.
Network and Share Ideas
Opportunities exist for IPRC Nigeria to forge business, social and economic relationships with colleagues new and old in association with APRC UK. When you join you will be invited to connect with your international network. Our conferences, seminars and fairs have been designed to give you the best at all times.
Support and Privileges
IPRC has six support groups namely Experts, Ambassadors, Partners, Industry Suppliers, Advisory Board Members and Centres of Excellence. These are individuals, organizations and industry leaders who are determined to see IPRC grow and remain a source of pride.
Also members enjoy a wide range of services, which are specially negotiated and some are guaranteed best deal member rates.
Be Certified
To be certified means that you have become an expert in your chosen field and that you can defend yourself anywhere in the world having passed the qualifying examination.
Recruiter Awards for Excellence
Every year, the award committee of the Institute of Professional Recruitment Consultants, IPRC Nigeria tries to identify hard working professionals and recognize them. Ability to pick up any of the awards in any one year is a clear indication that one has exceeded professional boundaries.

Which membership grade is good for you?
Membership is individual. The grade of membership for which you are eligible will be dependent on your level of experience and qualifications.
An Affiliate may be a professional from another field of interest such as sales, marketing, customer service, engineering, hospitality or other management sectors. Affiliate status is also open to students studying for a management qualification or any one working in human resources.
Associate APRC
Associate members are entitled to use the designatory letters APRC. Applicants for the Associate grade of membership should meet one or more of the following criteria at the time of application. Associates in Nigeria are also Associates in UK.

Full Member MPRC
Full Members use the designatory letters MPRC and are entitled to hold office at the institute. Applicants for Full Member grade of membership should meet one or more of the following criteria at the time of application. Full Members in Nigeria are also made Full Members in UK.
  • Qualifications - Holds a second degree in management with five or more years experience in recruitment or talent development. Has an internaccessfully completed the two to three days workshop plus 4 weeks case analysis on any of our certified programmes as shown below.
Fellows FPRC
Our highest grade of membership entitles Fellows to use the prestigious designatory letters FPRC. Professionals wishing to be considered for Fellowship should contact the institute for information on how to apply.
How to apply for membership
Membership fee depends on the type of membership the applicant is applying for. Applicants for direct membership are advised to forward their CVs to admissions@iprcng.org  or iprcnglagos@gmail.com and they are to fill the attached New Membership Application Form. Direct members are free from the institute’s examination or case analysis
Associate APRC (Nigeria and UK)
Full Member MPRC (Nigeria and UK)
Fellow FPRC (Nigeria and MPRC UK)
Corporate Member (Nigeria and UK) -          2 to 11 staff    N250,000.00

Certified Programs
For certified programs such as certified high performer identifier, competence developer, certified recruiter, talent identifier, certified interviewer, compensation manager etc, once a class size of 8 is achieved, lecture holds immediately in Victoria Island, Lagos. In-company workshops are however, on-going depending on the client.

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